Notices WINTER TERM 2014

Mon Jan. 6. (Opening Day) START 11.00 (UK)
HALF TERM: Mon 17 Feb. Mon 24 Feb incl. Classes restart Tues 25 Feb., 9.30.
END OF TERM: Thurs 10 April.: 12.00 midday (UK).

2014: all Dates and Timetables

The GO box.

ALL CLASSES Mon - Thurs.
Classrooms: GO!
If there is no teacher
contact another teacher
by 10 mins after class starts.

  FORUMS - Anytime.
Homework & Library: GO!
See the Library for guides and information.
If you can't get into class:
1) Close browser/ reopen.

2) Close computer/ start up again but do NOT use Restart.

3) Check with others on Messenger.
If the problem is general (not just you) we transfer to BACKUP ROOMS: bottom of Messenger, middle tab.