Notices SUMMER TERM 2014

LAST WEEK OF TERM MON 30 June There is no NEW homework set, but you MUST complete any missing work.
We do run Homework Class in the holiday if necessary!

MON - THURS Classes do not run by the ordinary timetable. You go into two groups - Gold or Silver. Just start Monday as normal in PhilSoc.
THURSDAY There is a short meeting after the first lesson in PhilSoc for everyone to say goodbye.
No French/ Spanish lessons.

2014: all Dates and Timetables

The GO box.

ALL CLASSES Mon - Thurs.
Classrooms: GO!
If there is no teacher
contact another teacher
by 10 mins after class starts.

  FORUMS - Anytime.
Homework & Library: GO!
See the Library for guides and information.
If you can't get into class:
1) Close browser/ reopen.

2) Close computer/ start up again but do NOT use Restart.

3) Check with others on Messenger.
If the problem is general (not just you) we transfer to BACKUP ROOMS: bottom of Messenger, middle tab.